2020 Guangdong International Biotechnology Cooperation Conference
About IBCC 2020

The development of worldwide biotechnology has entered the initial phase of the large-scale industrialization. The springing up and rapid development of biotechnology, including biomedicine, biological agriculture, food safety and nutrition, bioenergy, intelligent manufacturing, bioenvironmental protection, marine organism, and other fields, is prompting the bioindustry to take over the leading position in the world economy after the information industry. Biotechnology is a high-tech field where the gap between China and the developed countries are relatively small with the technical basis of developing biotechnological industries and huge market demands in China. To develop biotechnology industry is to meet our country’s needs of cultivating new economic growing points, improving the international status of local industry, and guaranteeing the long-term development.

For that holding an international biotechnology high-end forum is of much significance for promoting the development of biotechnology industry’s industrialization and for the integration of biotechnology industry’s resources. Also, this forum will be a direct way to communicate, discuss and explore the development path and mode of biotechnology for biotechnologists, government representatives, relevant enterprises and public institution representatives.

2020 Guangdong International Biotechnology Cooperation Conference will be held in Guangzhou, China, on September 24-26. The Conference is organized by Guangdong Biotechnology Industrialization Promotional Council and AEIC Academic Exchange Information Center, which focuses on the core theme of 'Biotechnology' and aims to provide an international platform for achievements sharing, discussion of hot issues and challenges, cutting-edge technology exploration, among the experts, scholars, and enterprise managers in this field.

Paper Competition

Further encouraging scholars and researchers to actively participate in academic practice activities in biotechnology, this competition is to enhance their academic ability and core competitiveness, improve their paper writing skills, activate academic thinking, trigger academic controversy, create a strong academic atmosphere, convey academic information, promote communication, and promote the development of biotechnology research.

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September 24,2020 - September 26,2020
Paper Competition